Traceability in Retail


The retail supply chain is getting more complex, where there are not only business to business interphases but with businesses to the consumer. With this added complexity, a quality professional in a multinational corporation or a food business owner is required to have the ability to track and trace the source of raw materials to the final destination of the product. Traceability enables products to be made visible across the supply chain, building the fundamental blocks within quality, risk management and other types of systems. See how Traceability in Retail works >

Traceability in retail standards

Our standards offer globally unique identification and data capture of trade items, assets, logistic units, parties and locations. In addition, our standards enable critical data exchanges to be recorded so that there is alignment of traceability information between trading partners.


Business benefits

  • Enables targeted and effective recall of dangerous products from the market
  • Helps consumers be informed on key product attributes such as allergenic food ingredients

  • Helps fight counterfeiting and protects brand integrity

  • A key component in regulations and safety standards